What's the difference between a pre-qualification verses a pre-approval and what is your PITI?... find out more on this week's #WilderWednesday #WilderPossibilities #realestatenews #realestatetips #PITI
WilderWednesday is about connecting with YOU...yes YOU! All the agents globally, nationally and locally...let's refer and share pockets to help our clients! I have a gorgeous pocket listing in West Hollywood now... text/call/email me & I'll do the same!
If you have a low property tax base and are thinking about moving... find out how you can keep that low property tax base here. Also if you want to read more about it then you can visit my website, www.sheltonwilder.com. Thanks for watching this week's #WilderWednesday and call/text/email to connect!
HOA... important information to know if an HOA is involved when buying or selling! Let me know your thoughts and looking forward to connecting soon... πŸ‘πŸ’•#WilderWednesday #iloverealestate
Learn about the different pricing strategies to list your home 🏑 on this week's #WilderWednesday πŸ“ž me to find out more... #listwithme #luxuryrealestate #WilderPossibilities #themoreyouknow #listingagent
Find out on this week's #WilderWednesday when's the best time to sell your home... looking forward to connecting with you sooner than later! #WilderPossibilities #Teles #listwithme #iloverealestate
Watch #WilderWednesday to find out what you need in order to get an accepted offer, besides me, of course! 😜😘 #WilderPossibilities #realtorlife #BOSSlady #themoreyouknow #Teles
This Wilder Wednesday I explain what it takes to have your home retrofitted to sell.
What does that mean?...
Find out more on Wilder Wednesday and when they are happening in Los Angeles
Hello friends! Here's another #WilderWednesday for you. Today I'm talking about appraisals. Watch to find out more... have a POSITRON week! 😘🏑 #WilderPossibilities #VeniceCanals #realestate101 #themoreyouknow
Today on #WilderWednesday I'm sharing my pocket listing with you! 310 Washington, Marina del Rey 3bd/3bth, 1960 sqft with its own private 2 car garage for $1.525 million. It is part of Latitude 33 in the Beach section only 1.5 blocks to the Venice Pier w/ concierge, gym and security.

Meet Corey Folsom, home inspector. Thorough, intelligent and professional. Coreyfolsom@gmail.com 310.922.5851

Find out on this weeks #WilderWednesday .
Snap is about to go public. Find out all the details on this episode of Wilder Wednesday.
Wilder Wednesday, my weekly real estate tip, discussing the home warranty!
Tips for remodeling from a luxury builder.
Take a peek at the one of a kind listing in Los Angeles with the highest price tag of $250 million.
Watch to be informed about the best tips to prevent Cyber crime.
When selling your home it is a MUST to keep it clutter free! This way clients can visualize themselves living in the home!
It's so important to include a personal letter to help connect you to the seller when putting in an offer on a home.
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